Updates & Uphill Battles

Lord, send love to a leaving lonely lady.
She's been so tired and it might be time to settle down,
It might be time to stick around.

That's a baby Buck somewhere in the interior of British Columbia. I think that summer I got my second of five tattoos, drank around 96 Kokanee beers and fell asleep on an anthill. Not pictured: best bud RD.

That's a baby Buck somewhere in the interior of British Columbia. I think that summer I got my second of five tattoos, drank around 96 Kokanee beers and fell asleep on an anthill. Not pictured: best bud RD.

The Summers are so different now. Time passes so quickly and in erratic intervals. Instead of miles and days it's minutes and seconds counting down to the next obligatory function; a wedding, any occasion in which you have to smile and say "How are things?"
And have the appropriate and calculated response when someone returns with "Great, and you? Still doing music?"

Doing music. Yeah, me and music get down about twice a week when I find time between procrastinating and deciding between a wake and bake or exercise. We exchange small talk, foreplay and sometimes even an evening of romance. 

What I'm doing is my job. A job I love and live for, far more than anything I've ever pursued, or wanted to. The perks far outweigh the downsides, and I'm well aware of how fortunate I happen to be. That all being said, I get sick of my life's work being condescendingly confused with a hobby. Something to pass the time, while you look for something sustainable and serious. 

I'm currently working my ass off to plan the marketing and release of my sophomore album. I've had countless support from producer and friend, Leeroy Stagger and his family. His home has become what feels like my own. We've gone back and forth a thousand times, and argued about everything and anything. I'm proud to say I've only had one meltdown this entire stretch. 

Now comes the most difficult part. Looking down the long list: merchandise, publicity, media, press, shipping, manufacturing, vinyl, CD, radio mail-outs, single release and eventually, the album release night. 

The bad news: our forecasted release of September 30th has been postponed. 
The good news: the album is being mastered this week. The pre-orders will open back up to the public in a matter of weeks and a new release date will be announced in the fall of 2017.
The awkward news: some good folks purchased release night incentives (Date Night Package) or pre-ordered albums, and these people will have to shuffle their plans around or wait on discs. It gives me no pleasure to ask for favours after already being so graciously rewarded with endless support from my community and peers. But, as we all know, good things take time, and I seem to be running low on time these days.
The best news: the contributions raised by our campaign will 100% cover the pressing and manufacturing of vinyl and CD. Your names are patiently waiting on my shipping list for when the day comes that I can ship everything out. 
All I need is your patience. I mean, I've already got your money, right? Tasteless joke.

Joking aside, I really am proud of what I will have to share in the coming months. Videos, original songs and covers written and recorded for campaign supporters; a sneak peek into merchandise design and updates on progress will be provided as often as possible. 

So think of it this way:
My job as a musician is to provide you with quality recordings and performances based on your auditory and financial support. You pay me for a service, I deliver. There's been a delay in our release process to properly market and coordinate its release. Your delivery will be late. Trust me when I say that I hope it will be worth the wait.

I'm taking some much needed time off until July 1st. I'm currently in the Okanagan sipping a cold brew coffee, listening to motorbikes obnoxiously scream by. It's overcast and I'm almost thankful, the heat and I do not always agree. So I'll accept these introspective moments carefully over my next few days off to organize, categorize and most importantly, to create. I'll be nourishing my soul with song and practice to get my head fully screwed on for the next months of my life. I think they're gonna be a doozie. 

Love to you and yours,