Quick Recap

What a ride. Here are some songs I like in a Spotify playlist, maybe give me a follow while you're listening! 

From Vancouver to Calgary and everywhere in between, the band has been put through the ringer this summer in all of the best ways. Travelling in Oscar, the Dodge dream machine with no A/C, the heat stuck on and in 30+ degree weather. With so much time spent in the big blue sauna rumbling down the No. 5, thoughts run across your mind like trees along the highway. Sound check times, load-in details, hotels, will there be time to shower? Take 5 before the set? Usually, the answer: a resounding No.


The chaotic uncertainty is what I love about this job. You can plan every possible turn and circumstance, but it could throw you any number of curve balls that you'll never be prepared for. Bottom line, gotta go with the flow. 

I've had to learn about leadership. I've had to ask myself what I need to be successful. What it means to be the captain of a ship aimed at your goals, your dreams. To operate at full capacity as often as possible. For me, it means the highest level of professionalism possible while never allowing those unexpected moments or long travel days to dog on the spirit. We're all tired. We're all facing our own challenges. 

I've had to examine my own limits and capabilities. Stopping before one more beer is one too many. Learning to blow off steam in an enjoyable and healthy way. Getting healthy - staying healthy. Getting rest, a good plate of vegetables and a hot shower whenever possible. Treating myself with respect, and the people around me, no matter how tired or homesick I might be.

I guess the further I go into this rabbit hole, the more I realize what's at stake. More money is invested, more hours and more miles than ever before. That means the shows, the songs and the work ethic all have to support the trajectory. Always improving. Always reaching to be better. And every time I think I have a moment to breathe and take stock, I remember that my house is a disaster, and that my life is facing it's own personal challenges for lack of better balance. 

But I wouldn't trade it for any other gig. 

If you're in the interior BC area, you can catch me for the remainder of my summer dates below:

18.08 // Invermere Music Festival (duo)
22.08 // Arrowhead Brewing Company, Invermere BC (solo)
25.08 // Overtime Beer Works, Kimberley BC (solo)
26.08 // Angry Hen Brewing, Kaslo BC (solo)
31.08 // Blue Heron, A Night Of Music, Revelstoke BC (full band)

More dates and exciting announcements soon. Thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow. 

Love ya.