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Driving In The Dark

Sophomore recording from Canadian singer-songwriter Mariel Buckley



Management: Jess Marsh //

Publicity: Daniel Cooper //

Produced by: Leeroy Stagger 

Currently shopping for 2018 release


Josh Gwillam (OCL Studios), Russell Broom (Jann Arden, Jim Cuddy, Whitehorse), Brady Valgardson (Corb Lund Band), Tyson Maiko (Leeroy Stagger), Michael Ayotte (Leeroy Stagger), Tim Easton / Wendy Bird / T. Buckley / Jessica Marsh (harmony vocals)

Buckley has teamed up with decorated songwriter and producer Leeroy Stagger for her upcoming full-length, sophomore release. Her songwriting chops have improved substantially, and along with these improvements comes a richer, edgier tone and production to the songs themselves. "Driving In The Dark" is a complex experience of loss and uncertainty, propelled by edgy tones of Americana and tender notes of traditional country. 

The record opens with the beefy anthem "Wait", an angst ridden confession of self-resentment, and ends on the profoundly existential question, performed through a sixties pop-infused filter: "I Wonder".  Songs like "Jumping The Fence" and "Driving In The Dark" perfectly exemplify Buckley's versatile tastes in songwriting, with grooves as thick as the visceral lyricism; but it's tracks like the understated "I'm A Fool" that perfectly showcases her seamless ability to blend old and new, creating a truly timeless expedition for the music listener and album collector..