Mariel Buckley — credit Unfolding Creative Photo-12.jpg
Mariel is one of those rare artists that you stumble upon who’s songs are so good that they stop you dead in your tracks, and instantly make you want more.
— Leeroy Stagger; Singer-songwriter, Producer, Engineer

"I think Mariel Buckley is the new Loretta Lynn. Speaking her mind, offering a straight-up, no-nonsense set of songs that go back to earlier country styles. She’s joking, ruminating, flirting, thinking, in the way that Loretta did on some of her classic songs. Throw in a little Joan Jett, and you’ve got a songwriter who’s going to grab a lot of listeners (like me) who are disillusioned with country’s offerings as of late. Buckley isn’t afraid of spinning herself, or her characters, as fucked-up philanderers jockeying for a good time before they consider their impact." - Gillian Turnbull, No Depression

 "It is a true Alberta roots/rock album with a wonderful edge [Motorhome]." - Tom Coxworth, Folk Routes, CKUA Radio 

I can’t decide whether Mariel Buckley is a singer/songwriter or a songwriter/singer.
This is the very definition of a good problem to have. There is no filter between her voice and whatever song she is singing. It’s just heart and soul. Blood and guts. Piss and vinegar. I’m lucky to be a fan.
— Mike Plume, Songwriter-singer

"...There is a distinct and introspective quality to this young songwriter’s music; a wisdom and maturity that allows fully- formed, succinct and compelling tales to emerge. Her album Motorhome is full of visceral lyricism and gutsy musicianship with understated power and appeal." - Kerry Clarke, Artistic Director of the Calgary Folk Music Festival